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Distorted Vision

What are some causes of distorted vision?

Distorted vision is when objects appear wavy. An easy was to confirm distorted vision is to see grid lines distorted or wavy. Distorted vision can be occasionally due to benign causes such as astigmatism. However, a new onset distorted vision is usually due to more serious conditions associated with the retina including formation of fragile blood vessels in age-related macular degeneration or severe near-sightedness (pathologic myopia), wrinkling of the retina (macular pucker), traction in the center of retina (vitreomacular traction), and central serous chorioretinopathy. ​

Fragile blood vessels under the retina can lead to bleeding, scar formation, and permanent vision loss if left untreated. But those complications can be avoided by early diagnosis and treatment. If you have recently developed distorted vision, contact your ophthalmologist today to make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam.

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